Books by Ven. Pitigala Gunaratana Thero

Books by Ven. Pitigala Gunaratana Thero, in Sinhala (PDF format).

Daham Magak 1
Daham Magak 2a
Daham Magak 2b
Daham Magak 3
Daham Magak 4
Dam Sayuren Diya Dothak
Jati Jara Marana
Sasara Sayuren Etera Wannata

With Metta,


4 thoughts on “Books by Ven. Pitigala Gunaratana Thero

  1. Aroshini

    Much merit to you for posting these books. I’ve been listening to this Venerable Thero’s sermons for quite a few times and have been looking for PDF versions of the books which I can read during my lunch break at work.
    Thanks again and may the blessings of the Noble Triple Gem be with you always.

  2. Avindra

    May you be amply blessed with merits for this great deed. We really appeciate it. As I am currently away from the country, I have limited access to dhamma sermons.This is really helpful. Thanks so much.


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