Books by Ven. Katukurunde Nanananda Thero

Books originally taken from and optimised for mobile devices. Ideal for EBook readers (Kindle, Sony, Kobo etc…) and IOS and Android devices.

Bawana Margaya
Chalana Chiththraya

Concept and Reality (English)

Divi kathare Sandha Andhura

Diya Suliya

Ethi Heti Dekma

From Topsy Turvydom to Wisdom-Volume 1 (English)
From Topsy Turvydom to Wisdom-Volume 2 (English)

Hitha Thaniema

Hithaka Mahima-1
Hithaka mahima-2

Kaya Anuwa Giya Sihiya
Maa Piya Uwatena
Manase Mayawa
Nibbana and the Fire Simile (English)
Nibbana Sermons (English)

Nivane Niveema 1
Nivane Niveema 2
Nivane Niveema 3
Nivane Niveema 4
Nivane Niveema 5
Nivane Niveema 6
Nivane Niveema 7
Nivane Niveema 8
Nivane Niveema 9
Nivane Niveema 10
Nivane Niveema 11

Pahankanuwa 1
Pahankanuwa 2
Pahankanuwa 3
Pahankanuwa 4
Pahankanuwa 5
Pahankanuwa 6
Pahankanuwa 7
Pahankanuwa 8

Pavethma Haa Nevathma
Prathipaththi Poojava
Samyutta Nikaya – an Anthology (English)
Sasun Piliwetha
Seeing Through – A Guide to Insight Meditation (English)
The Magic of the Mind (English)
Towards a Better World (English)
Towards Calm and Insight (English)
Utthareethara Hudakalava
Vidhasun Upades

New Additions:

Karma Chakkrayen Dhamma Chakkrayata

Meth Sithe Wimukthiya

Note: Print quality of these files are low. Please leave a comment if you need the high resolution version of any of the files.

For printing:

Pahankanuwa 8 (print)


5 thoughts on “Books by Ven. Katukurunde Nanananda Thero

  1. william haines

    Greetings. I am interested in getting the high resolution versions of venerable’s texts in English so I can print them for my notation. Thanks so very much for your service to the dhamma. Bill haines

  2. gary steinberg

    I’m hoping to find a print copy of The Mind Stilled in English. Is that still possible at all? Thanks! Gary

    1. dhammapresswp Post author

      Dear Gary, as far as I know only the Sinhalese version of the series has been printed. That also eleven books. I think your best option would be print from the oponline version available in website.

      With metta


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